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Welcome to Allitech Mobile Office Carrying Case

The Allitech's New Way Mobile Office carrying case is perfect for those professions that need the ability to print in the field.

Our case is the only one available that integrates the printer directly into the case, allowing you to print without the need to remove the printer.  It is FULLY functional while in the case

We have cases designed to work with both HP and Cannon printers.  Both printers have battery packs and wireless options giving you the ability to print anytime, anywhere from nearly any mobile device.

After 20 years of manufacturing and listening to thousands of users, we have been able to refine our products to meet all the requirements of the mobile professional!

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Print on the GO!!!

Allitech is the only specialized carrying case allowing you to completely integrate a portable computer and printer, all while taking into account fundamental factors that are important to the user such as weight, size, functionality, sturdiness, protection, reliability and appearance. The carrying case's ergonomic layout allows you to use your equipment immediately, as soon as the case is opened.

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Portable Printer and Carrying Case

Allitech's portable printer and laptop carrying case is the perfect solution when you need to print on the go.  If you are an insurance adjuster, a contractor, appraiser or sales professional, then this case is exactly what you need for that in-home visit.  Its quick and easy to open and access. 

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A Mobile Office in Minutes!

The portable printer and carrying case makes it easy for you to create a mobile office in just minutes.  Your laptop fits securely and you can hookup your printer in just seconds.

All of our products are made in the USA and carry a 1 year warranty.

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